An instant classic

Feel the vibe of an analog synthesizer capable of reproducing the same texture of the greatest brands with all the additions of the modern times. Venture beyond unusual lead and bass sounds and experiment with this instant classic beast! Available for Mac & Windows, as a VST, AU plugin, or as a standalone versions for live performance.


Two wavetable analog emulation that reproduce the same harmonics as the classical Model-D square and triangle, while keeping the sharpness of a digital sawtooth. The inverse sawtooth and note-sync allows you to combine both oscillators to recreate a PWM.


The synth includes a faithful recreation of the 4 poles 24db "ladder" filter to carve the sound. In addition to the cutoff and resonance there's an extra "spacing" parameter to move the cutoff frequency between the stereo channels.

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If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, you can register and download it for free right now! No credit card required.